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Giambattista Piazzetta (1682-1754)

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, auch Giambattista Piazzetta und Giambattista Valentino Piazzetta genannt, (* 13. Februar 1682 in Venedig; † 28. April 1754 ebenda) war ein italienischer Maler und Radierer des Barock und Rokoko. - (Wikipedia 25.07.2017)

Object-mediated relations to other actors

(The left column names relations of this actor to objects in the right column. In the middle you find other actors in relation to the same objects.)

Creation of reference Giambattista Piazzetta (1682-1754)
Created / Published Johann Christian Leopold (1699-1755) ()
Printing plate produced Franz Xaver Jungwirth (1720-1790) ()